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Is Honey Wheat Bread Good For You?

Is Honey Wheat Bread Good For You?

by zilvinas.juraska

When I hear the term honey wheat bread, I think of a sturdy, delicious loaf that’s easy to make and incredibly nutritious. It’s also a great way to get more fiber and nutrients into your diet. In fact, whole wheat and honey are excellent alternatives to white bread. Whole grains are known to help control weight and reduce your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Whole grain bread is a good source of fiber, which keeps you feeling full longer and helps prevent blood sugar spikes. You can even use honey wheat bread as a pre-workout snack. Honey is a natural energy booster, and its high levels of carbohydrates can keep you going throughout your workout routine. Whether you’re a fan of butter, avocado, or jam, honey wheat bread is perfect for your sandwich.

While most store-bought honey wheat breads are made from a blend of whole wheat and refined flours, it’s possible to create a healthier version yourself. The key is to make sure that you use 100% whole wheat flour. If you’re interested in using other alternative sweeteners, feel free to experiment.

One way to tell if a loaf is made with real honey is to see if the bread sounds hollow when you tap it. This indicates that the bread is properly pressed, and not open to air. To store your bread, put the loaf in a zip-top plastic bag or foil. Store the bread in a dry, cool location at room temperature. After a couple of days, you can cut it into slices and enjoy it immediately.

When you’re looking for the best honey wheat bread, check out the brands offered by Nature’s Own. This brand promises that it is made with no artificial colors, preservatives, or high fructose corn syrup. Interestingly enough, it also contains inflammatory soybean oil, and mono- and diglycerides.

There are other store-bought options, too, including Sara Lee’s Delightful Honey Whole Wheat Bread. This brand is made with real honey, but is also made with 16 grams of nutritious whole grain per two slice serving.

Unlike enriched white bread, a true whole grain bread isn’t bleached. It’s also not re-fortified. This means that it retains all of its nutrition, compared to white bread, which contains synthetic nutrients. Compared to white bread, it also has fewer calories and more fiber. A typical two-slice serving has 1.4 ug of Vitamin K, 2.5 mg of iron, and 495% more potassium.

Moreover, it has niacin, folate, and more calcium. It’s also rich in Vitamin B6, and has a higher level of pantothenic acid and riboflavin than honey. Additionally, it has more vitamin E and phosphorus.

Another popular brand is Healthy Life. They have a honey whole wheat high-fiber bread that has 4g of protein and 70 calories. And it’s also a healthy choice because it only has 0.5g of fat.

Regardless of which brand you choose, you’re likely to find that this type of bread is very easy to prepare. The dough is surprisingly simple, and it takes about 45 minutes to knead, rise, and bake.

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