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Where To Buy Key Limes

Where To Buy Key Limes

by zilvinas.juraska

If you’re looking for key limes, you might be wondering where to buy them. The original key limes were an extremely popular cash crop in Florida. They were very juicy, and had a well-rounded acidity. Fortunately, they were relatively easy to preserve.

Today, you can purchase key limes in stores in Florida, Mexico, and South America. These limes are smaller than regular limes, with a more tart taste. Although they’re not as sweet as the other varieties, they can be used for cooking and garnishing. You can also find bottled key lime juice in some grocery stores.

If you’re looking for fresh key limes, you’ll need to go to your local grocery store, or to a specialty store. Some places will even ship key limes to you. However, they are incredibly fragile and hard to transport. Aside from buying them in stores, you can also buy them online. In fact, you can order them via Instacart, and they’ll be delivered right to your door.

Another option is to shop for key limes on Amazon. Many sites, like Instacart, also offer contactless delivery. You can order them from your favorite national retailers, as well as from local ones.

One place to look is Cost Plus World Market. You can find small bags with 20-30 key limes in the fruit section. If you’re looking for key limes on a large scale, you’ll need to join a Costco membership.

H-E-B offers key limes for sale in their stores. This is one of the few places that carry these citrus fruits year-round. Their key limes have a slightly thinner skin than regular limes, making them perfect for baking key lime pie. They’re also great for preparing marinades.

You can also find key limes in your local health food store. Most of them are grown in Mexico, but you can find them in Southeast Asia, Central America, and Australia.

It’s a good idea to check the expiration date on the bottle before purchasing. Key limes are best when fresh, but they won’t stay that way for long. Once you’ve purchased your key limes, you should store them in a cool, dry place. Putting them in the refrigerator may speed up the decay process. To preserve the freshness of your key limes, you can freeze them or add them to ice cube trays.

Since they’re a relatively new addition to the lime family, there have been many different varieties developed. For example, you can purchase key limes that are more spicy, or that have more seeds. Also, you can purchase a zester, which can be used to add flavor to desserts and salad dressings. Adding zest to frosting or cookies can also help give them an extra pop of flavor.

Some people also believe that rolling a key lime before juicing will help get more juice out of it. It’s important to remember to remove the seeds before juicing. If you’re buying a key lime, make sure to pick out the ripest fruit, and then wash and dry the lime before zesting.

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