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Why Is Oxtail So Expensive?

Why Is Oxtail So Expensive?

by zilvinas.juraska

If you’ve been following the food trends recently, you probably know that oxtail is on the rise. This meat is incredibly tasty, but is also quite expensive. However, there are ways to make oxtail more affordable.

Oxtail is a cut of beef that is highly perishable. To make it last for a long time, you will need to chill the meat. You can also find specialty stores that sell oxtail at a cheaper price. In addition, you can find oxtail at local butchers.

Oxtail is a cut of meat that is used for stews and soups. It is also a popular side dish. During the winter months, you will be able to find a lot of oxtail recipes. During the summer, oxtail is less sought after and cheaper.

Oxtail has a great deal of flavor. It has a rich meaty flavor and a nice, tender texture. You may find it to be more expensive than other cuts of meat, but you can still get a good meal for a reasonable amount of money.

Traditionally, oxtail comes from oxen. However, today, oxen are also called steers. Many species of bovines can produce oxtail. These animals can be male or female. The cost of raising cattle is reflected in the price of oxtail.

As a result of its popularity, oxtail is now sold in many stores. Although, there isn’t much of a supply of this meat. Typically, you will only find oxtail at specialty stores or to VIPs. Sometimes, you can find it in five-star restaurants.

Traditionally, oxtail was sold for pennies a pound. Butchers used to sell it to people who could not afford to pay for more expensive cuts of beef. They also sold oxtails to African slaves, who cooked it into spicy stews. Slaughtering an aging ox for food was common in the Old World. Before the culinary renaissance, oxtail was considered a poor person’s meal.

Butchers now sell oxtail for around $10 a pound. This is because oxtail is a rare meat. Not only is oxtail expensive, but it is also time consuming to prepare. Normally, you will need at least three to four hours to cook it. A typical serving is around 4 oz.

Another reason why oxtail is so expensive is that it is a cut of meat that isn’t sold in bulk. Because it requires more labor to handle, it isn’t usually sold in huge quantities. Stores that specialize in oxtail typically purchase large quantities, then ship them. Shipping oxtail across the country requires more fuel, transportation, and refrigeration.

When oxtail is shipped to international markets, the costs are lower. International stores can often buy in bulk, lowering the cost. However, since there isn’t a large supply of oxtail in the United States, prices tend to be higher.

Since it is an expensive cut of meat, you’ll need to plan ahead and save a little extra money for it. It is not as expensive as other cuts of beef, but it is not as inexpensive as beef neck or hamburger cheeks.

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