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Does Garlic Help With Colds?

Does Garlic Help With Colds?

by zilvinas.juraska

Garlic is an inexpensive, effective natural medicine for preventing and treating colds. It contains antiviral, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties that help keep your immune system healthy. Traditionally, garlic has been used as a culinary ingredient and for medicinal purposes. As it is a very common food, you can find it at most grocery stores. However, there is little clinical research to support its use for colds.

A small study has found that taking garlic extract daily for three months reduces the incidence of colds. During the trial, participants were randomized to a placebo pill or a 2.6 gram aged garlic extract. At the end of the trial, blood tests were taken to determine the level of immune function. Results showed that those who took the garlic were able to increase the number of immune cells.

Another study investigated the effectiveness of a garlic supplement in people with a cold. A group of 120 people was randomized to a placebo pill or 2.6 grams of aged garlic extract per day. The participants were surveyed for 45 days to see if their immune function improved. They were also asked to report the frequency of colds they had during the trial.

Another trial conducted by Ushirotake (2004) evaluated the effects of garlic on a group of volunteers. The volunteers kept a diary to record the onset and severity of their symptoms. Of the 146 participants, the garlic intervention group had fewer colds than the placebo group. Specifically, there were 24 cases of the common cold for the garlic group, compared to 65 cases in the placebo group.

Other studies have shown that garlic helps fight infections and fatigue. The antibacterial and antioxidant properties of garlic may be responsible for its ability to prevent colds. In addition, a compound called allicin helps boost the body’s immune response.

Despite the evidence that suggests garlic works for colds, the question remains as to whether it can be a safe treatment. Some researchers have suggested that the substance could interfere with the effectiveness of some drugs. Also, the use of raw garlic may be unpleasant, and putting a clove of garlic in your nose can irritate your nasal passages. If you have any questions, you can call your doctor.

While the evidence to support the effectiveness of garlic for colds is limited, it is promising. Garlic is a healthy, inexpensive medicine that is easy to grow in temperate climates. And it can be eaten as a snack or as a pill.

Garlic can also help relieve congestion. Those with congestion should be sure to stay home when they feel ill, and to take plenty of rest. Taking a hot water bottle to decongest the sinuses and elevating the head can also help. There are a variety of ways to apply garlic oil to your feet, which you can use before bed. You can also use a heating pad to allow the oil to penetrate the skin.

A number of adverse effects have been reported, including a rash on the skin and minor respiratory irritation. Generally, these are minor and not serious.

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